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Detail of 40 years old house blueprint - main floor planThat’s it. You’ve seen every home remodeling show on HGTV and all the reruns for the last six months. You are finally ready to do it. You are going to remodel your house. Will it be the kitchen? Will it be the bathroom? Will you rip the whole thing apart and start over from the studs? No matter how many episodes of “This Old House” you’ve seen we have to start somewhere.

Congratulations! Deciding that you want to start is often the hardest part of the entire process. That is, if you exclude the part where you write the check. Renovating your home is not just about how it looks. Giving your home a makeover and a face lift not only increases the value of your home but it changes how you feel. You are going to fall in love with your home all over again the same way you did when you first got the keys.

You can open the phone book and find an endless list of general contractors for whole home remodeling in the Boise Foothills.  My first question would be: why do you have so many phone books? 

The second question is: what are you getting with the professional that you bring into your home renovation project? Anybody can subcontract out work. Most people are pretty good at telling laborers what to do. Don’t get us wrong, we are great at those things too. But unlike those big box home remodeling general contractors we don’t use giant sprawling teams of dispassionate workers whose only main concern is “what’s for lunch?” and “when do we get off work?”. We use a small team of dedicated and experienced professionals who work one on one with homeowners. We stake our entire reputation on every project we take on. We find that this level of communication and interaction between us and our clients results in superior outcomes. What’s that? You want to talk to the foreman? Awesome. That’s him finishing the tile in your master bathroom. You want to have a strategy meeting with the owner of the company? No problemo! Go ahead and send him a text. He’s just over at the tile store purchasing the designs you guys just picked out an hour ago.

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Remodeling the bathroom is tricky and there are so many options it’s hard to know where to start. 

Start here.

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Fall in love with your kitchen all over again with a modern kitchen make-over. 

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Warped, cracked, uneven floors? The most likely cause is subfloor damage. 

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Design + Build

Make your home a reflection of yourself. Team up with our designers to create something unique.

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Instead of moving, add a bedroom, mother-in-law suite, garage or sunroom to make more room.

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Remodel Financing

Make your home exactly how you want it now with one of our home renovation financing options and pay over time. 

For most of us, the home is a big place. At Boise Custom Remodels we take care of everything from the bottom of the foundation to the last roof tile and everything in between. Most of our clients want to refresh one or two rooms, a bathroom, or convert a laundry room or storage closet into another room like a sun room or guest bedroom.

 Your project could be a full kitchen remodel, several bathrooms, new flooring or just a fresh coat of paint. Maybe getting rid of a wall or two to really get into that “open concept” motif is what you’re looking for. Whatever it takes give your house a fresh, beautiful new vibe.

Anybody can go to Home Depot, pick up some tile, some wood, some glue and hope for the best. But not you. You’re ready to get this done. You’re ready to get it done right. With Boise Custom Remodel you will get a team of experts for every stage of your renovation project. From design all the way to the completed build. You will have an expert craftsman guide you through the selection of materials, the design process, timelines, and budget to make sure you, the artist / homeowner, bring into reality exactly what you see in your mind’s eye. You are Michelangelo we are the paint brushes. You are Leonardo we are the hammer and chisel. You are Dale Earnhardt jr. we are the performance race car.

There is only one of your home so make it yours! Everyone has completely unique tastes and their own individual style. Our expert craftsmen will help you see your style brought to life with one-of-a-kind creations that just can’t be bought at the home improvement stores. 

Most importantly, all of this dream realization and self-actualization through art will come within budget. One of the most valuable things that comes along with the 20-plus years of experience our team brings to your project is the knowledge of “true” costs associated with making a house into a home. ​​

What You Can Expect From a Complete Home Design + Build Remodel

Before we start talking about money, let’s talk about the one very often overlooked aspect of a quality renovation: time. It may sound obvious to us right now, while we’re just doing research and picking out a remodeling company, but it’s easy to forget when you’re in the middle of a project that the only time a remodel takes 60 minutes is on TV. Home, kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects can take anywhere from a week to several months depending on what you want done. Something as simple as replacing the tile in a bathroom takes a few days but if you want a brand new kitchen with custom tile and new appliances you could be looking at over a month. When you are planning and gathering inspiration time is something to keep in mind. 
Timing will also be a factor in the day to day work. Most, if not all, of the suppliers that contractors work with are open during banker’s hours; typically 9 to 5 and are hardly ever opened on the weekends. So several times throughout the completion of your remodeling project be prepared to ask for a long lunch or to get off a couple hours early to meet with your project manager or designer at various locations throughout Boise and the Treasure Valley to pick out  materials that will go in your home, or make important decisions about how to proceed. 

This kind of personalized, 100% custom, service is why our clients love us. Most homeowners will only do a major remodel, renovation, or addition one or two times the entire time they own a home. We feel honored every time someone in our home town lets us be a part of that story.

Let’s talk turkey. Turkey, in this case, is money.
Is renovating any part of my home going to be cheap? No. So why do it?

Anything that you do with your home will cost you money. But, not really. What I mean by that is you are investing in the long term value of your home. Your home isn’t just where you live, raise your kids, and watch TV. Your home is also, for many of us, the single largest investment we make in our lives. So if you’re going to spend it’s always wise to spend on something that’s going to go up in value. 

The most surefire way to add value to your home is by adding square footage. If you’re using the basement as a large subterranean storage unit we can help! Instead of keeping old clothes and that record collection that you swear one day you’ll buy a record player for, imagine adding tasteful modern lighting and a window. Bam! Add some easy-to-maintain hardwood flooring and you have yourself the makings of a new family room or evening retreat in the form of a media room.
Let’s face it though sometimes we can’t get rid of the treasured relics that we keep in our basements. You can add the extra square footage with an addition to your home. Often times this is similar in price to finishing a basement but also adds significantly to the curb appeal. Drive down Boise’s Historic North End and you will find many great examples of added decks, patios, and sun rooms.

Maybe you’re not looking to turn a gigantic profit by selling your home for top dollar. Maybe you found your forever home. Maybe you don’t want to move because of the kids or your job. You like your house but maybe it’s gotten a little ho-hum, a little stale, a little “2004”. Fret not! Tired of looking at those dated counter tops? Replace them with something sleek and modern. Is that Plain Jane bathroom vanity not doing it for you anymore? Turning your everyday master bathroom into an everyday spa experience is 100% on trend right now. There is nothing better than relaxing in your new bathtub with jets or rinsing off in your new waterfall shower after a long day. Sometimes it’s as easy as some new baseboards and a fresh coat of paint. Bottom line you are in your home everyday, let Boise Custom Remodels refresh the look and function and you will fall in love with it all over again. 

Sure you can make a ton of money by adding size to your home but you can also put a lot of dollars in your pocket by updating your home to be more energy efficient. Again this is why our clients in the North End of Boise especially like us. You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by replacing single-pane, old windows with energy efficient windows and updating the insulation and weather seals in the attic and around doors and windows.

You’re ready. Let’s do this! Whether you’re ready to remodel your entire house or just knock out a few details or repairs like new cabinets and fresh paint, or new flooring in a couple rooms just fill in the form above (or click the button below) and one of our in-house project managers will contact you shortly.

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