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Imagine for a moment you’ve had a long day at the office. Every annoying thing Karen said today has balled up into a lump of actual physical pain in your neck and shoulders. Maybe you just got done shredding the gnar at Bogus Basin and you’re hurting in places you didn’t know you had. 

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Transform your bathroom from a room into an experience

There is one place in your house that has a direct effect on our ability to shed the stresses of the day. You guessed it: the bathroom.

Maybe the creature living in your basement who won’t move out or get his own cell phone plan is on your last nerve and you just HAVE to get a moment to yourself before you snap. We’ve all had those kind of days. What separates the winners from the losers is how we can deal with it and bounce back tomorrow.

The transformational effect that a peaceful, serene, well-designed bathroom has on your psyche is well-documented. Think of your bathroom right now… the layout might be nice, the fixtures might not be that old, the colors may be a little outdated but hey, who’s going to notice? Sure, the tile and floors have a few miles on them but there’s nothing “wrong” with them.
​What about your “what if” bathroom. The space in the “what if” folder is very different. This is the bathroom that relaxes you; adds to your Zen.
What if you had real marble tile covering the floor and walls? What if you had a waterfall shower head controlled with your fingertips with music playing in the background. What if you had a shower space that gave you enough room to truly decompress and relax after a long day. You would have a place in your house you could retreat to on a daily basis to recharge your batteries that you would actually look forward to using. What a stark contrast to what most of us are working with right now. Everyday you could come home to a place just like that overpriced Airbnb you splurged to stay at for your honeymoon.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the DIY community or you can barely operate a hot glue gun, the complex task of successfully renovating the bathroom is an intimidating proposition. There are so many decisions to make, so many tiny details to overlook, and so many fixtures, tiles, textures etc., the list goes on and on and on. So what’s  the warrior homeowner to do?

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Tips for choosing a bathroom remodeling contractor. 

A quick Google search for bathroom remodeling contractors will reveal a number of results that looks like the national debt clock ticking up endlessly into the trillions.
There is one common thread of advice throughout all of these pages whether it’s a “by yourself with a caulk gun and YouTube” caliber project or you are transforming a part of your home into your dream luxury day spa experience complete with and A-list celebrity clientele: that advice is plan, plan, plan. Then, when you’re done plan it all over again.

We’ve got to be honest, this is not earth shattering advice. However, the importance of the planning phase, especially when it comes to the bathroom, cannot be understated.

You will be ecstatic to work with the pro’s at Boise Custom Remodel because unlike the myriad generic remodeling contractors you will find throughout Boise and the Treasure Valley, we specialize in transforming the run of the mill “standard” bathroom into an anticipated experience for you everyday.

What to expect during the renovation process.

Everything is on a spectrum. There are many types of projects you will encounter on your commode crusade.

The Weekend Warrior:
For us, no job is too big or small if it means making our clients happy. Although we have, on a number of occasions, suggested that for some projects the best expert is you. For projects that don’t require a permit or any special expertise sometimes it’s best, and not to mention fun, to roll up your sleeves and head over to Home Depot and put the”Y” back in DIY.  A few small changes can radically change the look and feel of any room. So maybe before pulling out the checkbook see what adding a new shower curtain, some modern floating shelves, or some new paint do to the vibe. Some people are surprised by how much a new shower head can shake up the game. 
The Pro Makeover:
All right, you tried the shower curtain and TBH… it’s not cutting it. 
If you are one of our customers in Boise’s Historic “North End” this is the most common type of bathroom renovation that we see. If your bathroom was originally put together when the Charleston was the hip new thing,  you are going to have some concerns that can’t be solved with a 2019 shower head. 
You might be thinking about completely changing the type of shower that you have, adding a large tub for soaking, removing walls or changing out several plumbing and lighting fixtures.
These types of renovations will require several professionals and may require permits from the city. 

​If you are going for that Spa feel in your home there is a lot of specialized knowledge required. Not just anybody can do the job right. This type of project will require specialized knowledge in multiple areas of construction. Boise Custom Remodels are the right professionals you can trust to make sure the job gets done right. 

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Materials and costs of a new bathroom.

You must be thinking right now with all these options, materials, possible layouts for my bathroom that this has to be extremely expensive, right? Not necessarily. A bathroom renovation in Boise can cost as little as a couple thousand dollars. That is, if you don’t change the layout, don’t tear down any walls, and don’t go all Howard Hughes on the plumbing fixtures and materials. If you are going to go “whole hog” by demolishing walls, using unique plumbing fixtures with state-of-the-art digital controllers and exotic slabs of marble to match your custom cabinets and have real marble tile going from the floor to the ceiling-  we can start to bump into the 20 to $30,000 range or more. 

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Don’t forget about your guest bathroom!

Luxury guest bathrooms are trending in the Treasure Valley, especially in the Star and Eagle areas with the trend spreading all over Idaho! Guests everywhere are raving. Similar pricing applies to smaller bathrooms or half baths. The higher end remodels usually consist of converting a bath tub into a standing shower and tiling the walls and floors with real marble or stone. 

As you can imagine the costs for a bathroom renovation will vary as widely as the people who want them. The main factors the craftsmen at Boise Custom Remodels will talk to you about are the types of tiles, flooring, types of fixtures, your personal tastes, whether you want custom cabinets or custom vanity, lighting and various technology that will complement your space, how big your bathroom is… the list goes on!

​If you are finding yourself neck deep in options and have no idea where to start, click the button below to contact Boise Custom Remodels today to start on the path to the beautiful, luxurious, modern bathroom you deserve.

What about a small bathroom repair?

Don’t need a totally new design? We also handle bathroom repairs. Give us a call if you have cracked or damaged tiles, water damaged drywall or subfloors or a wobbly toilet. We can take care of anything from a leaky faucet to resealing the floor of your shower.

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