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Beat Treasure Valley Indoor Air Pollution

A ventilation cleaner man at work with toolThe air quality in your home can sharply decline when everyone is home all at the same time with the windows closed. Being stuck at home for an extended period of time means you will be using your HVAC system more than you usually would. This will lead to dirty air ducts that are breading grounds for bacteria and a great home for viruses. The air that passes through your dirty home air filters circulates through your home over and over again leading to high levels of indoor air pollution. At Boise Custom Remodel we have teamed up with some of the best HVAC contractors in Boise to offer you a quick and inexpensive duct cleaning service so you can continue to use your heating and air system and breathe easy. Call us today to schedule your HVAC duct cleaning and sanitizing service anywhere in the Treasure Valley!

Replace your HVAC air filters

If your ducts have not been cleaned in a while there is agood chance that has lead to your homes air filter(s) to become clogged due to the extra use they have endured over the last several weeks. Because the use of your HVAC system is and will continue to go up with the change of the seasons and any health scares that keep us confined to our houses and away from school or work, your homes air filters will need to be replaced more often than usual. It is not that difficult to change these air filters on your own with some tools and a filter from the hardware store. However, some air filters are located in awkward or hard to reach areas that you may need a professional to assist you with. When it’s time for the air filter to be replaced, especially now, it is a good idea to have your ducts inspected to remove the debris that builds up over time. 

Clean Air While You Work From Home

With so many people beginning to work from home and with kids spending less time outdoors the dangers of indoor air pollution are becoming more apparent to Boise residents. The air in your home can be up to ten times more polluted with allergens, pet dander, and other particulates than the outside air. Spending more time indoors with your heat or AC on will only emphasize that problem. What can you do? Have a professional clean out your air ducts to reduce the amount of toxins you are breathing in while working from home! We take special care to make sure that none of the harmful particulates that get trapped in your air filtration systems make their way into your home’s air. If you have allergies or pets you will especially benefit from a thorough duct cleaning. 

Save Money With a Clean and Efficient HVAC System

Dirty air filters and clogged ducts will make for an inefficient and very costly heating and air system. By keeping your air filters clean and your ducts free of all debris you will have the cleanest air possible in your home with the lowest possible energy bill. The long term effects of putting off an air duct cleaning could be the premature failing of your HVAC system. It makes a lot more sense to write a very small check to maintain your heating and air system than having write a much larger check a few months later to replace your entire system

dirty air filter
Dirty ventilation shaft taken with isolated front view, can be use for background and environmental concepts
Cleaning air conditioner filter

Sanitize Your Air Ducts

As of March 2020 we are now offering an air duct sanitization service. Not only will your ducts be cleaned out and more efficient, they will also be sanitized to remove any residual mold, spores,germs, bacteria or viruses that may still be lurking. Normally duct cleaning is performed by running a flexible hose along your home’s air ducts and blowing them out with compressed air. They are “clean” but not sanitized. Due to recent demands we have received multiple requests to also sanitize HVAC systems. 

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