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If HGTV is responsible for everyone wanting to remodel their bathroom, we are here to tell you that the number one culprit for motivating people to want to remodel their kitchen is the Food Network.

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Transform your kitchen into the
favorite room in the house. 

Not a day goes by without one of us here at Boise Custom Remodel pulling out our phone during lunch and watching Gordon Ramsay teach us to how to fry pork chops in his home kitchen. How many of those videos do you have to watch before you start thinking “hey, in order for me to cook a five-star pork chop I’m going to need a five-star kitchen”?. If you are anything like us, it’s probably around 20 views. We get it. We understand. It’s an easy conclusion to reach and we don’t blame you. If you want celebrity-TV-chef-level kitchen game you also have to have celebrity-TV-chef money.
If you’re reading this and happen to have a cooking show that is produced out of your house I encourage you to call us. Everyone on our team would absolutely adore to be in your studio audience. If you don’t, you’re also in luck because Boise Custom Remodel specializes in giving you that celebrity chef kitchen feel for local access cable prices.
This doesn’t mean we’re going to skimp on the quality of the materials or the craftsmanship. What we mean is that your average kitchen remodeling contractor is seeing your outdated, drab kitchen and seeing dollar signs. We found that a lot of people were told that simply throwing tens of thousands of dollars at their kitchen remodeling endeavor would produce great results. They were sold the finest appliances, whose names I won’t mention, but I will reveal that almost 70% of the letters in their name was a vowel. Vowels are very expensive in the appliance industry. It’s a very little known fact in the kitchen appliance industry that every vowel in the name over the second one costs an extra $1,000. They were sold on unnecessary additions or fads that either we’re so frivolous they were never used, or fell out of style before you could get your friends over for dinner.
​What these homeowners we’re, sadly, never told was that there are dozens of tricks to the trade that do not sacrifice quality but bring the overall estimate price down. We have found that many of our clients appreciate not being taken for a ride during a project that is traditionally known to be expensive. This is not to say that if you want to spare no expense to make it appear as if no expense was spared then we can definitely help you out. However, sometimes the most expensive option isn’t the most practical.

Boise Kitchen Improvement Specialists

The craftsmen at Boise Custom Remodel have over 20 years of combined experience making Treasure Valley kitchens into high-level culinary machines. This experience has helped us form a very specific and effective process for delivering to you the best outcome for your kitchen. The first, and most important, step is identifying your families “ideal” kitchen. Once we identify your specific goals for your kitchen space we can make an accurate assessment of the steps required to get there. This is what sets Boise Custom Remodel apart from many of the “big box” renovation companies around the Treasure Valley. You may not need your entire kitchen redone. If you are ready to hit the big red reset button on your entire kitchen, that is definitely a possibility. But we recognize that the kitchen is made up of many individual parts and renovating one, or a few, of these parts can result in a staggering difference in the look, feel, and function of a kitchen. So before you pay $120,000 for a complete kitchen remodel we must consider the different parts of your kitchen. We’ll get into that a little farther down the page under “Elements of a Kitchen”. Let’s back up:

Before contacting a contractor to give you an estimate, we feel it’s very important to understand why you are needing to renovate your kitchen. As with any other part of your home this is no small project. You will most likely spend thousands of dollars and several weeks (or months!) of your life to reach your goal of having a dream kitchen. Remembering your original vision and motivation will be important for staying on task and staying on budget.

Top Reasons To Renovate A Kitchen

Like I said before: We’ve been at this for a couple of decades so we’d like to share with you a few of the top reasons that homeowners have cited for taking on this colossal task.

One that always keeps coming up is adding value to the home. I believe this one is very self-explanatory. It is so pervasive that we’ve come to believe that everybody renovating their kitchen wants to add value to their home. Who wouldn’t? But adding value alone isn’t enough to motivate someone to go through the hassle of actually doing it. There has to be something else. See if you can relate with any of the following.

For most households the kitchen is the epicenter of activity. It’s where we feed our children, it’s where we entertain our guests, it’s usually the first place we walk into, set down our keys and have our first good sit down after a long day. Therefore having it be a place that you want to be is important to your mental health. Have you ever just stepped into a place and the Fung shui was all off? You don’t want the feeling of your most often used room to be throwing off your good vibes. The “lifestyle” motivation is huge.
Maybe there’s no breakfast nook. Ugh. Maybe it’s just too small. Eek. Many families like to hang out in the kitchen and if it is not conducive to your lifestyle, it’s got to change.

Energy efficiency has crept its way up close to the top of this list in recent years. With the rising cost of everything saving money on utility bills is increasingly important. Old inefficient appliances leak energy and therefore leak money out of your wallet. Advanced techniques and the evolving technology of materials science allow us to install highly efficient skylights and sun tubes that bring in more natural light and severely reduce or completely eliminate the need for more costly artificial light. Plus, if you are like 60% of Americans in today’s digital age you’ve probably spent more than half of your day under fluorescent lights already so how awesome would it feel to be able to sit in the comfort of your home and bask in the healing glow of natural sunlight.

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Custom option for a unique look.

Choosing just the right materials that complement the style you are going for is a tough job. Our favorite phase of the process is sitting down with our clients and showing them the myriad choices of styles, textures, patterns and materials. At first it can seem intimidating but after a few minutes and some guidance from professional designers it’s possible to see the idea in your head begin to take shape. 

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Kitchen Remodels in Boise’s North End and Foothills

Believe it or not some people will get completely new appliances and have it be a pleasant surprise that their power bill is lower next month. They wanted new appliances just for the new look and got energy efficiency as a bonus. If you’re going to update the appliances you might as well update the entire room. Especially in Boise’s historic North End we’ve seen a lot of pristine kitchens that were built in the 1960’s Even if everything is in good working order it can’t help but feel old and cluttered to some degree if it was built when “Happy Days” was airing new episodes. Renovating your kitchen with modern counter tops and modern non-porous surfaces will make cleaning your kitchen a breeze and look sharp while you’re at it.

Sometimes the look and feel of the kitchen just doesn’t fit your style. Especially if you’ve moved into a new-to-you home; the kitchen may be updated, look okay with everything in working order, but it’s just not you. If you found yourself  a new home and loved everything about it– don’t let a kitchen that doesn’t match your style stop you from moving forward! We can make your kitchen exactly how you want it.

On the complete other end of that spectrum you may want to remodel your kitchen because it is deteriorating and worn out. Nothing lasts forever and maybe your kitchen is just past its prime. Tiles crack, cabinet doors break and counter tops peel. This doesn’t inspire much confidence in the kitchen. (Gordon Ramsey’s #1 tip: cook with confidence). If you’re an aspiring gourmet chef you need the right tools and the right environment to be successful.

Elements of a kitchen renovation project

Maybe you don’t have a hundred grand just laying around. That’s okay! There are many elements to a kitchen and if we take an “à la carte” approach to remodeling getting a couple fresh features will change the entire look and feel of the kitchen.

The easiest, most fun, and least expensive way to update the look in your kitchen is lighting. Add a task light here, throw some mood lighting over there, and you will be seeing your kitchen in a whole new… light.

Perhaps you want to go functional with a new island. Installing an island in the middle of a spacious kitchen will add valuable work and storage space without having to tear apart anything that is already there.

Update Your kitchen with Boise Custom Remodel

This may be hard to believe but my grandma had a carpeted kitchen. Like, shag carpeted kitchen. There were parts of that carpet that were hard as a rock with the pile matted down and discolored. There was nothing else wrong with that kitchen but because of that carpet I never wanted to set foot in it. I’m only mentioning this partly to gross you out, but the main point is that an easy to clean tile or stone floor will dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen

Kitchen Floor Plans

Open floor plans in a kitchen have become all the rage. A casualty of this trend is the traditional dining room table. You know, the one where everybody awkwardly sits around and makes small talk about the weather and how their day at work was. I don’t know about you but that table was never used for anything other than holding a pile of unopened mail in our house. Upgrading to a more creative seating arrangement in your kitchen can spice up the experience. One of the more exciting and versatile applications of this concept is the island seating model. Remember that kitchen island we talked about in the last paragraph? In addition to providing work space and storage it can also be built to double as an eating area by adding modern bar stools and plenty of knee room underneath the counter.

Updated Kitchen Cabinets

Which brings us to the most popular and, quite possibly, the most utilitarian upgrade you can make to the kitchen is the cabinets and counter tops. Exotic slabs of marble and  catching custom-made cabinets don’t just add to the style of your new kitchen, they also complement the cleanliness and organization of your cooking area.

New Counter Tops as Part of a Kitchen Renovation

In the counter top world you can choose from wood, stainless steel, marble, quartz, or penny’s encased in resin. The choice is yours and they will serve as the canvas of your kitchen. Cabinets come in every color of the rainbow. They can be custom-made or prefabricated. They can come in a variety of exotic woods or be made completely out of reclaimed wood from a barn in Idaho City.
Also, don’t overlook the possibility that your cabinets may just need to be resurfaced. This is a relatively inexpensive option to give functional cabinets a fresh new lease on life.

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